COVID AND VIRUS FREE PROTOCOLS (Last update: June 28th, 2020)


We strive to maintain & set the bar for world class protocols when it comes to ensuring the security, health & welfare of our physical and digital security clients. The following three sections breakdown the strict virus protection protocols we employe, internally referred to as protocol MDSP-SPV101.


Our 3 Part Physical and Digital Security self-installation process:

  1. Upon ordering, My Digital Security Pro will preconfigure and deliver a throughly sanitized self installation kit.
  2. We will then establish a secure google meet and/or phone conversation with you to walk you through the necessary network & device installation configurations.
  3. Finally via the same live google Meet connection the tech will walk/talk you through a walkthrough of your homes perimeter along with a few questions, so that we can provide your physical security audit report.
We will be monitoring your network and devices function remotely from our secure HQ, if there are issues we will work to address them remotely, be available and/or contact you via the secure google meet platform to provide hands on tech support for your network and devices.


Note: Self installation do not include a complete spectrum analysis, however our techs are happy to direct clients to education and software necessary to conduct these surveys properly.


Scientifically speaking we cannot promise anything with 100% certainty. That said we do everything scientifically possible, hence our guarantee to have our field service tech’s meet the rigorous virus free protocols outlined below, which are comprised of both government mandates and various additional measures to provide our clients the most sterile field services possible.



Disclaimer: We do not provide this information for others to use, nor rely on for their own virus protocols. It is only for our clients reference into our internal companies field procedures on this global health issue. None of this may not be copied or otherwise used without the written permission from My Digital Security Pro, LLC. 

a. We physically maintain an ultra high security headquarters

We start with a sterile foundation, so all of our security technicians currently work out of our ultra secure security laboratory.

Our IT laboratory is 80% underground built with 12″ thick concrete walls & features an air scrubber, UV sterilization equipment, chemical disinfectants, hot & warm disinfecting areas and a physically decontaminated work space that is only entered by pre-decontaminated staff and items.

b. Our Standardized Disinfecting Protocol

UVC light sanitizing treatment to all non porous inventory, our lab, vehicles & in field work spaces with the use of rated eye protection.

Chemical Disinfecting

  • Bleach or 91% (or higher) solution for 5 minutes on porous surfaces, then dried.
  • Bleach or 91% (or higher) solution set for 15 seconds on non porous surfaces, then dried.

c. Secure & Sterile Transportation Protocol

Our work vehicles are parked within our secure and video monitored barbed wire fencing perimeter to ensure they aren’t contacted or tampered with by the public. Our vehicles air filters are inspected and sterilized weekly and our air conditioners are set to recirculating air. 

The front seat of the sterilized cab our techs maintain:

  1. Clients sterilized inventory
  2. Techs sterilized tools
  3. A sterile sweat towel

Also within inside of the cab a tech will have one or more field PPE kits, which consists of:

  1. 1 full face 3M respirator with sanitized filters
  2. 1 full body, booty and hood hazmat tyvek suit with a hood and booties (Chempro 2000 or Chemmax 80)
  3. 2 Sets of Latex Gloves
  4. A bottle of 91% alcohol disinfectant (kept in tool bag)
  5. A roll of duct tape for tears (kept in tool bag)

The inside of the truck is maintained with:

  1. Duel layers of thick impermeable plastic liners
  2. Multiple new garbage bags to bag used field PPE kits
  3. A spray bottle full of 10% bleach
  4. Package of 91% alcohol wipes

Before exiting into a public air space techs dawn all the field PPE items and affix their security ID badge to the outside of their Tyvek suit, while their car keys go in a condom or glove and placed within a clothing pocket and is not to be removed prior to decontamination. 

Field work is performed maintaining the integrity of the suit, if a tear or rip occurs, the tech must stop work and immediately disinfect the contaminated area and patch any suit tears with duct tape, if “critically compromised” the tech must completely decontaminate and attain a new PPE kit.

The procedural steps for decontamination before reentry of the vehicle consists of:

  1. Do not remove key from inner lining and without touching vehicle to open trunk.
  2. If available and can be done through clothing, the tech will open trunk with clicker through suit and clothing. Otherwise, tech will remove the outer layer of gloves and open the trunk of the car with the keys, previously placed in a plastic bag.
  3. Spray all tools, and trunk lever with bleach on sidewalk or street for 5 minutes before placing in a plastic bag, tying only the inner bag 1.
  4. Spray down the entire self with bleach and allow it to sit on the suit for 5 minutes. Wet hands and spray bottles with bleach for the next 5 minutes.
  5. Place any tools, trash and equipment within new plastic bags and on top of the plastic liner in the trunk.
  6. The tech will then remove their PPE in the following order a) full face mask, b)  the Tyvek suit by turning it inside out c) place the suit and face mask into an unused garbage bag in the trunk d) final layer of gloves.
  7. Close the trunk
  8. Open the driver door
  9. Use the hand sanitizer in the car front seat before touching anything and only use the sterile towel to dry or scratch if necessary.
  10.  Drive to next job or back to HQ for final decontamination of tools and field PPE kits.
  11. Follow through with disembarking protocol upon arrival at headquarters.
  12. The tech will dawn a new field PPE kit before removing the tools and other field items from the trunk and place in area “D”.
  13. They will perform a UVC and chemical disinfecting treatment on all tools, parts of the car and other PPE surfaces.
  14. The tech will again spray down their entire self with bleach and allow it to sit on the suit for 5 minutes before removing and storing all decontaminated items in a new plastic bag and then placed the PPE storage area “S” where it will sit for at least 5 full days before being reused.
  15.  The tech will take an extra hot shower with soap and water for longer than 2 minutes along with swish and gargle Listerine or hydrogen peroxide solution, swabbing exposed nasal passages with the same.

Note: Techs do not access the inside of a vehicle before a complete decontamination process in order to maintain the sterility of the vehicles interior cab. Therefore our staff gets all their tools staged at the front entrance of the property upon arrival.

d. Inventory & supplies Sterilization Protocol

Everything is presumed contaminated until it undergoes our complete decontamination process. All inventory, office supplies and used field PPE kits are staged in a specialized chemical and UVC disinfecting area “D” within our secure and sanitized receiving zone. Inventory and office supplies are received by staff adhering to strict field procedures.

All incoming items are unboxed and treated with UVC and/or chemical disinfectants along with resting post decontamination for 5 full days or longer before transported, installed or used in anyway.

e. Job Site Protocol

Only one job site is completed in between each decontamination cycle in order to allow for complete sterilization. 

Upon arrival the tech will remove and stage ALL of their tools & hardware at your properties front entrance. They will not leave items unattended by the vehicle and will not  access their car until the installation is complete or they’ve performed a complete decontamination cycle.

Tech’s will disinfect work areas within your property before setting up tools and equipment by using UVC light over the surfaces they will be touching and working around. Techs are mindful that this treatment requires special eye protection and should not be done in the presence of clients to protect everyone from any of the lights harmful affects.

f. COVID-19 Tech Testing Protocol

Our current installer has been tested and confirmed negative for the COVID-19 virus. Our plan is to continue a monthly testing regime of our staff and plan to offer surface sampling and client testing, once as tests become widely available to the public.

All these elements combined with our strict field protocol provides a tested closed loop system for our installation staff to ensure with 100% certainty that they are COVID-19 free as they perform these essential home and business security services.